In 2014, thanks to so much interest in the pastime here in town, the Monitors welcomed a sister club:  the Merrimack BBC of Chelsea, or "Merries."  These ladies are one of just a handful of ladies clubs in the state, but have already played many enjoyable and spirited matches of base ball both here in Chelsea and on the road.  Their goals are the same as their comrades on the gentleman's squad:  to be an inclusive, community-minded club out to have fun win or lose!

The club's name evokes the other most famous Civil War-era ironclad warship, the USS Merrimack -- which was rebuilt by the Confederates, and christened the CSS Virginia.  The Battle of Hampton Roads, pitting the Monitor against the Merrimack (Virginia) was waged to a standstill on March 9, 1862.  After about four hours of frenetic shelling at close range, neither ship was destroyed, but both were somewhat crippled.  Each side claimed victory.  In general, the Monitors and Merries get along a lot better than those two boats did ;)

If you are interested in learning more about the Merries or even coming out to practice with them, please click HERE.  You won't regret it!